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James Pearson: A Reputable Social Security Disability Lawyer

Established in 2014, the Law Offices of James L. Pearson is headed by an experienced and reliable attorney. James Pearson provides excellent legal services to individuals who need help in applying for Social Security disability benefits.


What He Offers

Atty. Pearson utilizes all evidence to position your case for success. He will also work on your testimonies, making sure that you are well prepared and informed of every possible scenario. In addition, he uses different strategies to get vocational and medical experts to recognize your disability.

Providing Guidance

Everyday, Atty. Pearson meets many people with illnesses and chronic pains who are scared because they don't know how they will survive. He strives to guide them by helping them understand the rules and procedures of the Social Security Administration.


Personal Background

Atty. Pearson grew up with his father who was blind and was on Social Securirty disability. This experience, as he recalls, was the main reason he became a lawyer. Back then, he used to sit at the kitchen table to read the mail to his dad and write checks for him.

As a person with a disability, his father had financial struggles, especially with bills to pay. While the Social Security benefit they received may not have been much, it ensured that their basic needs were met. It also allowed his father to live a peaceful life with dignity.

James Pearson

James Pearson was born and raised in Northern California in and is the son of a rice farmer in the rural county of Colusa. After James’ father suffered a serious medical diagnosis that caused him to lose his eyesight and become legally blind, James and his family suffered first hand the financial hardship that disability can cause. James remembers seeing the worry on his dad’s face as he struggled to figure out how they were going to survive. Fortunately, his dad was approved for Social Security Disability and Medicare, which provide basic income for the family and allowed his dad to live out his life with dignity.


James later also suffered a serious farm Injury that resulted in the amputation of his left leg. As he went through high school he struggled with the reality that he could not run touchdowns on the football team or realistically excel wrestling or basketball like his peers. He became painfully aware at that point of the tremendous impact that a serious injury has on a person’s life.


After high school, James’ father suddenly passed away from an unexpected heart attack and died without a will. This forced James to drop out of college he was attending in Arizona and come home to take his father’s estate through probate. It was at that point that his probate attorney told him “You know, you could be a good lawyer. You’re young enough and you’ve had to deal with some heavy stuff at a young age. You would make a great attorney.” James felt a spark light up at that moment and he suddenly knew exactly what he was going to do.


After graduating from Chico State and then finishing law school and the bar exam, James developed extensive knowledge and experience representing people Social Security Disability cases, Injury cases, and DUI Defense.


James also has a special passion for helping people with drug and alcohol and other criminal matters, including DUI Defense. He understands that sometimes a foolish decision is made and the police are quick to assume the worst. People are scared about what is going to happen. James quickly calms their fears by explaining the rules, and he takes care of all of the court and legal issues smoothly for them. James has been successful in getting charges reduced or dismissed and leaves no stone unturned as he defends his clients.

Call today to schedule a free consultation with James today to quickly develop a plan of action in your case.


Liz Pearson - Legal Assistant

Elizabeth is James’ lovely wife of 10 years. She is a warm and friendly face around the office and helps James with his administrative paperwork and answering client phone calls. She also files appeals and other important documents with various government agencies and the courts.

Elizabeth holds a B.A. Degree from Chico State and has a passion for making people feel welcomed and comfortable when they call or come in for consultations. She is also very knowledgeable and can often answer client questions about the status of their case.

Prior to joining the law office Elizabeth was a full time credentialed teacher where she taught 3rd grade. She loves children and especially enjoys helping clients with families get a sigh of relief as their legal battles come to an end. She is always a friendly voice in the office and is happy to help.

James and Liz have two children, Layton and Audrey. When not at the office they are busy having water gun fights in their back yard.